Photo Shoot Preparation Guide


For the best photographic results and to keep the cost of the photo shoot to the minimum, homes or properties should be photo-ready (cleaned, decluttered, depersonalized, and prepped) upon our arrival. Additionally, to avoid breaking the integrity of the photo shoot, please ensure that people and pets are kept in other rooms from where our photographer is shooting so as to not get in the shots. Our photographer photographs room-to-room.

It's a fact that your first showing with prospective home buyers occurs online, and if the photographs portray a cluttered home, you'll lose these buyers before they even physically stepped foot inside your home.

Here is a checklist that may be helpful to you in preparing your home or property prior to our arrival:


  • Clean and declutter kitchen counters and appliances.
  • Remove magnets, family photos, etc... from refrigerator.
  • Remove / hide kitchen trash cans and outdoor garbage containers.
  • Remove pet bowls and pet toys from floors and outside yard.
  • Make arrangements for pets so they don't disrupt the photo shoot.
  • Ensure pillows on couches and chairs are arranged neatly.
  • Consider staging dining room table with fine china/dinner plates, silverware, water and wine glasses, etc... Don't make it too busy! (refer to this link for ideas).
  • Make all beds.
  • Clean bathrooms and remove clutter from sinks (like toothpaste and mouthwash bottles, etc...) and showers (like shampoo bottles, etc...). Make sure all toilet seats are down.
  • Consider staging master bathroom (refer to this link for ideas).
  • Pick up clothes, towels, and linens from bedroom and bathroom floors.
  • Sweep floors and vacuum carpets.
  • Turn on all lights and replace any blown out light bulbs.

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